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P. ANASTASIA is the author of nine novels and two children’s picture books. Her fresh take on storytelling resonates with mystery, charm, and a little bit of magic—the embodiment of her unique writing style.

Ensnared by the craft in childhood, she attempted her first book at age eleven. While working toward her college degree, she wrote news and editorial columns for two campus newspapers. After graduating with a degree in communications and spending a year studying abroad in Kofu, Japan, she followed her heart to her publishing aspirations. Anastasia also lends her talents as a professional voice talent for radio, television, and audio books.

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POE Prophecies
Seeing the future is dangerous!

My name’s Aidan Grey. I’m a twelve-year-old student at P.O.E. Academy, where we study the works of Edgar Allan Poe. You may think classic literature is boring, but Poe hid prophetic clues in everything.
Finding the right words in a poem or short story could save a life or stop a tragedy. The real tragedy is that the school won’t let kids my age apply what we’ve learned. That doesn’t prevent my best friend and me from practicing in secret.
But words are powerful, and the academy failed to tell us something really important…


Kirkus Reviews

A Spot of New

“A whimsical equine tale that emphasizes courage, exploration, and adventure.”

Foreword Reviews

Morning Puppa

“With throwback illustrations decked with bright details, this is a fun story that’s
well suited to story time.”

Kirkus Reviews

Exile of the Sky God

“An effortlessly grand fantasy that should ensnare young and older fans alike.”

Kirkus Reviews

Morning Puppa

“Anastasia’s fun story features a dash of mystery that is clever and kid-friendly.”

D. Donovan

Senior Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review

“A potent saga that proves hard to put down . . . An epic adventure tempered by strong characters, [and] vivid fantasy threads . . . Fates Awoken doesn’t disappoint”

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